[PATCH] Include sdk header dependencies and protect agains't multiple inclusion.

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Wed Dec 10 22:45:30 PST 2008


  The attached patch is the result of "as few extra
inclusions as possible", by creating a dummy file
including just that header, and making it compile.
This was done in the loader directory, and I added
some extra -I for module headers, but including in
the build tree.

  I would like some feedback on if it would be correct to,
check in the build directory of the header if AM_CFLAGS
is defined somewhat like:

and in that case, ensure the header either itself does:
#include <dix-config.h>
or include a header that has that in the start.

  There are also several different styles for the sequence
#ifndef HEADER_H
#define HEADER_H
#endif /* HEADER_H */

I used the _HEADER_H_ stype for headers without multiple
inclusion protection, as it appears to be the most common,
but without start/ending underlines is also very common.
Maybe a common style should be used ?

  Also, another question is about the generation of the
file sdksyms.c. What would be the better approach to have
a Makefile rule to regenerate sdksyms.c if sdksyms.o needs
to be regenerated due to a header being updated?

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