Dual screen configuration problem

Martin Rösch roscmar at neratec.ch
Wed Dec 10 02:16:09 PST 2008

Hi all.

In an embedded system we have a MictroTouch touchscreen conntected to the LVDS port of a intel graphics chip (Mobile 915GM) using the mutouch driver.
On the VGA port is a flatscreen connected. The system is running a X server v1.5 (R7.4) on a Ubuntu 8.10.
The goal is to display one application on the flatscreen and another on the touchscreen with the pointer of the touchscreen assigned to the touchscreen only.
I'm having problems configuring the X server to this setup. 
The first idea is to use 2 independant X server, but I couldn't configure the ports seperately. Is this even possible on a single intel graphics chip?

The second idea is to use the RandR extension and place the flatscreen aside of the touchscreen (DualHead). The problem here is the pointer mapping of the touchscreen. It is assigned whole virtual display containing both screens (touch- and flatscreen) and not only to the display area of the touchscreen. The manual page of the mutouch driver is not much help since the options are not documented yet ;-)

Do you have any hints on the configuration intel driver of the first idea? This would be the preferred setup because of the independant displays, the second idea would be the fallback. Do you know the configuration options of the mutouch driver solving the pointer mapping issue?


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