Slow exaOffscreenAlloc ?

Zdenek Kabelac zdenek.kabelac at
Mon Dec 8 16:05:44 PST 2008

>> So there is nothing which could improve the performace here - i.e.
>> better allocation logic instead of scanning possible very long list of
>> chunks to allocate/free pixmaps ?
>> Should I open bugzilla for firefox - so they could play more nicely here?
> Nope, on further examination ff is doing perfectly sensible cairo
> rendering and we're handling it poorly.
> We're moving from EXA to UXA, which fixes a lot of the performance
> problem by having an allocator that doesn't suck.  The remainder of the
> fix would be accelerating trapezoids.

How far is UXA from usable state for Intel graphics - I can see the
Lukas (in another thread) has quite some troubles with this driver -
i.e. it usable shorterm - but not longterm stable  ?


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