Get raw data of Xrender Picture structure

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Mon Dec 8 13:27:03 PST 2008


>  Isn't XRender's Picture just a kind of a handle for performing XRender
> operations on a drawable? Meaning the contents are still stored only by the
> drawable and not by XRender? (I'm not actually quite sure about this, but
> anyway it doesn't matter here.)
Yes, its in most cases just a handle, backed by a pixmap or window.
(exceptions are e.g,. gradients and pictures generated by

If its a pixmap, you can read it back using XGetImage or its SHM variation.
However keep in mind this is slow and suboptimal.

> . I'm then trying to shortcut
> xfwm4 and get what I want directly from Xrender.
Hmm, XRender is just an API for graphics rendering, it doesn't have to
do a lot with composition managers, except that some of them use
XRender for blending their pixmaps together.

- Clemens

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