MPX window managers?

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Dec 7 10:18:02 PST 2008

Hi Peter,

   > mpwm is dead, and it's for the better.  compiz has recently been
   > picked up and improved:

Thanks for the reply.  This is disappointing; the compiz work is an
unreviewed patchset against unspecified versions of compiz and Xorg,
with Xorg patches that the author doesn't plan on submitting upstream.
Can we come up with a plan for a more supportable way to use MPX?

I had a look at the ways in which the metacity branch was failing to
compile, and tried to find out what their current alternatives are:

   * XQueryDevicePointer -- remove "shared" parameter
   * XExtendedUngrabDevice -- gone, use XUngrabDevice, add CurrentTime
   * XGetPairedPointer -- gone, use attached field of ListInputDevices
   * XAllowDeviceEvents -- gone¹, ?
   * XQueryWindowAccess -- gone¹, ?
   * X{Grab,Ungrab}AccessControl -- gone², ?

Any ideas on how to replace these?  Do you think picking up metacity is
a sensible thing to do?


- Chris.

Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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