Broken X11 After Mandriva Upgrade

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Sat Dec 6 17:57:31 PST 2008

Thanks for that information. I assumed (yes, I know what that does) that because there were errors that it was not running. I have had so much trouble with this I never bothered to try it. However this is the most progress I've made. I now can start X11 and it brings up the KDE desktop. Unfortunately that is as far as I can get. The mouse goes haywire. No matter where I try to move it, it jumps back to the top of the screen immediately. If I move it very fast I can get it 1/2 way down the screen before it jumps back. This is a Microsoft infared, PS2/USB mouse (I have it connected to the PS2 port). I chose the microsoft mouse option in the config and did not select 3buttonemulation. I also have a KVM switch and when I switch away from Mandriva, then back the mouse ceases to funciton.

Also, at this point I have to log in and run 'startx'. It is not starting on boot and presenting the X11 login on the console.

While I'm making progress, I am not home free yet. It is amazing how problematic this has become after working so well for so long prior to this upgrade. It seems every single time I upgrade Mandriva something breaks that takes weeks to fix.

Dan Nicholson wrote:

The socket, in this case, is the dbus system socket used to register
the session with ConsoleKit. Probably, you don't have dbus running,
but that shouldn't matter here. Things like HAL talk to ConsoleKit,
but this doesn't matter for just running a regular X session.

The "Using vt 7" message just means that the server is running on
virtual terminal 7. I.e., tty7. You'll have to look further in the log
file to see what video driver was actually loaded.

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