Semi -transparent windows

Alexei Babich a.babich at
Thu Dec 4 20:47:33 PST 2008


> However, it isn't necessary. In my experience it is simpler and more 
> direct to use a 32-bit visual and the Render extension. Create a Picture
> that encapsulates the Pixmap/Window of your destination window, (created
> with a 32-bit visual so you can set ARGB values), then use XRenderComposite
> to copy that Picture to the destination.
Thank you. I am now going to try to do so, as you advised. I also read again the document, which recommended Yong Sun (, and I became more obvious as to make required.

> (typically  nvidia) graphics hardware.
I have only ARM at 400MHz with framebuffer, without FPU ang GPU.
Also, I have no window manager. My problem is that I need to understand the ways to implement such things.

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