Is intel/SVDO "supported"

Krzysztof Halasa khc at
Wed Dec 3 17:48:51 PST 2008

Adam Jackson <ajax at> writes:

> Because no one both: has SDVO TV out hardware, and is capable of making
> it work.

Hmm. I think I have SDVO TV output in my i915G machine (MSI Hetis 915
- not sure about the exact capabilities but at least composite +
svideo). I even tried to look at it briefly (normally using VGA analog
output to drive SDTV), it didn't work with PAL correctly (with obvious
changes like setting 50 Hz). It seems the amount of work needed to
make it behave isn't very big, though. Well, perhaps I should have
made a good VGA-interlaced patch first :-(

I think the problem was missing detailed docs for SDVO opcodes. Are
those available?
Krzysztof Halasa

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