Status of Intel Xvmc support? (Robert Lowery)

R. G. Newbury newbury at
Wed Dec 3 14:19:19 PST 2008

From: "Robert Lowery" <rglowery at>

 >> >> Could someone please summarize where Xvmc support is at for the
 >> >> various Intel devices (g33/g35/g45 etc)?
 > >
 > > XvMC support for G965/GM965/G45/GM45 was merged to master a few days
 > > ago.
Just as a matter of interest, has anyone on the list managed to get the
master XvMC support working on MythTV?

I have a GM965 based system where mplayer works ok with the new XvMC
support, but mythfrontend crashes whenever I try to playback using XvMC.

I am running the intel driver version 2.5.1 and XvMC works well in 
mplayer and mythtv. Mythtv does not seem to want to always switch 
resolutions cleanly however, and I have gotten a few segfaults when 
switching from Standard Definition with xvmc to something larger. And 
I'm not sure, offhand that the problem is not because I am switching to 
digital from analog.

BuXvMC works for 720x480 and will even attempt to play larger frames but 
the picture turns out as a blocky green and black monochrome. So the 
answer to 'are we there yet' is that the guys have got us quite close!

Keep it up please.


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