[rant] keeping policy in HAL

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Mon Dec 1 01:09:06 PST 2008

Twas brillig at 11:38:21 01.12.2008 UTC+05 when patrakov at gmail.com did gyre and gimble:

 AEP> Then it may be a good idea to write such client (even without the pop-up,
 AEP> a static default stored in the configuration file will also work) and add
 AEP> it to xorg-apps as an example implementation of such service.

Go for it!

The problem is more general: there are "desktop" services which don't have good
policy clients beside the ones tied to major DEs: Bluetooth, NetworkManager, HAL
come to mind. They all need a Unix-style clients to be written, so those who
don't use DE may easily configure the corresponding services.

IIRC there is CLI NetworkManager client in the works, but rest is still not


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