Multi-seat, again

Glynn Clements glynn at
Tue Apr 29 05:24:29 PDT 2008

Tiago Vignatti wrote:

> > However Nvidia binary drivers are stable. One enthusiast of multiseat send
> > PC hardware to Nvidia developer's headquarters and as result Nvidia binary
> > drivers became stable since 2004 - 2005, i could not recall. Nowadays Nvidia
> > driver is stable but have side effect - when X neighbour logout , running
> > X may show blank, black screen up to 0.5 seconds. Looks like all additional
> > video adapters doe restart, no matter is that necessary or not necessary from
> > view point of end user.
> this is what you call stable? :)

"Stable" just means that they don't release updated versions

It doesn't necessarily mean that the code now works perfectly and
therefore updates are unnecessary; it can also mean that anything
which is broken will stay broken.

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