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Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Mon Apr 28 10:13:09 PDT 2008

In case anyone missed the earlier announcement, this week is a series of
online sessions on Ubuntu/Debian packaging, development, etc. at an intro
level.  It's a good way to pick up the basics.  See below for details.

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The always popular Ubuntu Open Week[1] returns this month and we
welcome everyone from all walks of life, distros, skills, opinions and
curiosities to come along and get involved. The aim of the week is to
help grow the Ubuntu community, and we have an awesome set of topics
ready for you to attend. If you've considered getting involved in
Ubuntu and don't know where to start, thent his is a great opportunity
to jump in.

The Ubuntu Open Week[1] will take place from Monday, 28 April to
Saturday 3 May on #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode.

We have sessions on all kinds of subjects including Reporting and
Triaging bugs, Building Upstream Kernels, Kubuntu Development
(including KDE4!), Bazaar, Packaging 101, Ubuntu Mobile, Merging
Packages, Launchpad Personal Packaging Archives, Ubuntu Server,
Security, Xubuntu, Community Q+A, Packaging Firefox Extensions,
Artwork, Producing Podcasts, Training, Preeseeding d-i/Ubiquity, the
Future of Ubuntu Desktop, Community support with the Forums, Python
Packaging, Ask Mark, Wubi, Unwinding Stacktraces, Documentation, and
much more!

Remember, being part of Ubuntu does not have to be a technical,
hardcore, programming or packaging job. You can be involved with
artwork, marketing, advocacy, local community teams, documentation,
translations and more. If you are interested in being a part of the
Ubuntu project, there is sure to be a session for you, take this time
to join the Ubuntu Community and become part of the world-class team
that puts Ubuntu together. We are keen that everyone with every
discipline can be a part of our growing community.

See you in the sessions!

[1] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek

Jorge Castro
jorge (at) ubuntu.com
External Project Developer Relations
Canonical Ltd.

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