dummy driver -> xorg stops during startup

Martin Metzker martinmetzker at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 04:34:17 PDT 2008


I hate switching my screen's resolution whenever I hook up a projector to my laptop. For some reason people have come to accept this inconvenience, I haven't. I came up with an idea. There are USB-VGA-Dongles so you can have a second graphics"board" at the ease of plugging in an usb device. There's excelent Linux support now I can have 2 Xservers running to distinct sessions at the same time

Here's what I actually want to do:
- Have one Xsession with no input devices and output is sent to a projector.
- Have another Xsession (the "normal" one) from which I connect to the other Xsesion using VNC

With that setup I do not need to switch screen resolutions and I can view notes and other stuff (clock!) on my laptop screen, while the actual presentation is shown full screen using the projector.

Why the dummy driver? Because I do not whish to send any other input event's to the projector Xsession than VNC.

I can set up my laptop for 2 simultanious Xsessions. The problem occurs when I set one of the Xsessions to use the dummy driver for mouse AND keyboard. Using the dummy driver for just either of them works.

Can anybody help me do this?



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