Cant switch screen resolution

Thomas Pantzer thomas.pantzer at
Fri Apr 25 17:04:31 PDT 2008

Hello Samuel,

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Thomas Pantzer, le Wed 16 Apr 2008 09:51:00 +0200, a écrit :
>>Who can help me to solve the problem ?
> Feel free to comment on

I don't comment this stupid statements why the feature had
been dropped. It seems to me that some of the developers
get satisfied with some "self service".  What the heck is
that "xrandr". Why do we need another "tool"?  Just check
how many traffic it creates.

- I have only one monitor as the average user has
- the problem because this feature had been dropped resulted
   from a use case of a developer with his multi head setup

- why is he not applying this feature only at his own computer ?
    - there is still the possibility to disable it in a multi head setup
      (if it causes troubles)
    - there is still the possibility to find the screen where the mouse
      pointer is

- Customers say to developers:
     We don't want your improvements, we want get the errors corrected.

Sorry boys, I had the plan to join the Xorg development. But after those
comments (and after being spoiled with hundrets of emails) I will sign off
from this list. Maybe I'll take old Xfree86 sources and improve just
a driver.


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