What's the status of G35 support in xf86-video-intel

Jin, Gordon gordon.jin at intel.com
Wed Apr 23 20:12:45 PDT 2008

Mike Cui wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 4:16 PM:
> I got the latest xf86-video-intel drivers from git, and the README
> does not list G35 as a support chip.

Yes, G35 is missing in the man, though it appears in log. G35 is similar
to G965, and is actually supported.
> Also, it says the following for Xv
> - Textured video XV implementation on i915 through i965.
> - Hardware overlay XV implementation up through i945.
> Is support for G35 coming soon for anything?

G35 belongs to i965.
Actually hardware overlay support for i965 has been added into 2.2.99.X.

> I have the ASUS P5E-VM HDMI. I tried the lastest release
> (latest from git doesn't work), with i915 drm 1.11.0 20070209,
> mesa-7.0.2, and xorg-server- in Gentoo. Here are some problems
> I'm running into:
> With HDMI output, there seem to be timing issues. On my HDTV in
> 1920x1080, it seems that 3 or 4 pixels are cut off at the top, and I
> see 3 or 4 lines of black pixels at the bottom. Basically, it seems
> like the entire picture is shifted up about 3 or 4 pixels. When hooked
> up to 24" LCD at 1920x1200, the picture is messed up, windows have
> shadows. And my monitor reports that the resolution is 1920x1199 (!!).
> I tried to turn off DDC support and manually enter in modelines I
> found online, the drivers seems to ignore them.
> On VGA pictures look fine. Also, everything looks great in Windows.

ASUS P5E-VM uses SDVO HDMI, which is known to have various issues (it's
not Intel product). Hong Liu is working on this.
There have already been some bug reports, e.g.
> In any case, when I try to play videos with Xv, or OpenGL, the tearing
> is terrible. Xv doesn't seem to want to sync to vblank, and enabling
> double buffering for OpenGL doesn't help either. I did enable
> TripleBuffering and PageFlip in xorg.conf.

There're similar reports, but I can't reproduce it. Maybe you can try
hardware overlay instead of textured video.
TripleBuffering and PageFlip are not recommended.


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