help with X11/keysymdef.h

nidujay nidujay at
Wed Apr 23 14:55:31 PDT 2008


I'm involved in a localisation project. The project coordinator and I
have differing views on the definitions in this file. He asserts that
it has nothing to do with input methods but instead should define the
characters in the Unicode code page (some characters in the code page
are not on the keyboard and some keys are a combination of multiple
Unicode characters). I'm not convinced but he has greater experience
in these matters.

I posted the same question on the #xorg-devel IRC channel and got a
response from a user named daniels, but I found it a bit ambiguous.

<daniels>	dushara: the characters you use are defined by unicode +
utf-8, or whatever.  keysymdef.h is just a way to tell you what
certain keys should produce.
<daniels>	iow, the former. it's an input method thing.
                                 this confuses me (nothing to do with
input methods?).

I didn't get an opportunity to clarify this with him.

Also assuming it is to do with input methods, how should we define
symbols when a single keypress needs to generate multiple unicode
characters? (I realise that XKB doesn't support this currently).

The reason I'm asking this is because of the following comment in keysymdef.h:

 * Where the correspondence is either not one-to-one or semantically
 * unclear, the Unicode position and name are enclosed in
 * parentheses. Such legacy keysyms should be considered deprecated
 * and are not recommended for use in future keyboard mappings.

Thanks in advance


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