mouse click latency

Dan B. Phung phung at
Wed Apr 23 07:24:46 PDT 2008

I'm timing the latency for an application (a screensaver in this case) 
to handle a mouse click.  I take a timestamp in the mouse driver 
(appletouch, usb) and another timestamp when the screensaver handles the 
event.  For the appletouch driver I get a latency of ~83 ms, and the usb 
mouse is ~57 ms, which seems like madness.  Keyboard clicks are ~5.7 ms 
which are more on the order of what I expected for the mouse clicks.  
What's the expected latency of mouse clicks?

Macbook, running Ubuntu 7.10
Linux kernel
Xorg 7.2, Mesa 7.0,


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