Bluetooth - Bluetake Presenter BTU-01

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Mon Apr 21 18:04:32 PDT 2008

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
>> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> Le samedi 19 avril 2008 à 17:11 +0200, Jelle de Jong a écrit :
>>>> Is there nobody that can help me to get this device working?
>>> If the device is standard HID and recognized as such by the kernel
>>> using the evdev driver should work (modulo the fact evdev is not 100%
>>> baked yet xorg-side)
>>> If the device is not recognized by the kernel you typically need to
>>> ask on the linux-input list (assuming you use linux)
>> or the bluez project
> Thank you for the information,
> The device is recognised and can connect with the bluez hidd system and 
> creates a input event that can be read and returns the data when 
> pressing a key.

please install evtest and test the /dev/input/event... device to check 
whether the data is reported correctly. This way we can figure out 
whether it is a kernel/bluez or Xorg problem.

> However I cant get evdev to work. As showed in the attachments of my 
> previous mail (please take a peak at them) i tried a basic xorg evdev 
> setup with the device. But no luck, xorg even crashed hard a few times.

without your Xorg log it'll be really hard to debug. Please open a bug 
report and attach the spew from evdev and your log file.
if you can (and you have a second machine), a backtrace when it crashes 
will be appreciated.


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