startx.cpp and default server (patch provided)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Mon Apr 21 15:51:15 PDT 2008

> I'd vote for that... but I've just been careful about protecting what I 
> commit with '#ifdef __APPLE__' since I haven't been really testing them 
> elsewhere...

I simplified it some more:

diff --git a/startx.cpp b/startx.cpp
index 7e67769..63b211b 100644
--- a/startx.cpp
+++ b/startx.cpp
@@ -214,17 +214,11 @@ fi
 XCOMM process server arguments
 if [ x"$server" = x ]; then
+    server=$defaultserver
     XCOMM if no server arguments or display either, use rc file instead
     if [ x"$serverargs" = x -a x"$display" = x ]; then
-#ifdef __APPLE__
-	server=$defaultserver
-	server="$defaultserverargs"
-    else
-	server=$defaultserver

If no complaints or improvements I will commit that soon. 

  Jeremy C. Reed

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