intel-batchbuffer and DRI2

Jie Luo clotho67 at
Mon Apr 21 11:46:25 PDT 2008

Johannes Engel wrote:
> Jie Luo schrieb:
>> Johannes Engel wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> Running intel-batchbuffer with DRI2 (mesa, drm, modular X.Org from git
>>> master resp. intel-batchbuffer), most things work quite well except
>>> frequent and regular crashes of
>>> Last example some minutes ago working with eclipse (just writing). X.Org
>>> log is attached.
>>> Greetings, Johannes 
>> This crash is not caused by DIR2, and it was fixed in latest git master.
>> DIR2 work well with current git master in my machine as well. There are
>> still some small problems. 
> I do not think so, at least I think I am using latest git master, and 
> this still happens. dmesg says
> [drm:drm_buffer_object_create] *ERROR* Illegal buffer object size.
I mean the crash which you Xorg.0.log.old attachment indicate. I have
this crash even without DIR2. It was fixed recently. And your log file
also show me that DRI2 also not enabled in your setup. You can see this
line in you log file.

(II) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI2 capable

If DRI2 is setup correctly, this line should not exist in you log.
The option to enable DRI2 have moved to serverlayout/serverflags,
you may need to update you xorg.conf.

The drm shows some bug here too, and resume from suspend is broken
with it.

best regards,


> Greetings, Johannes
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