X3500 no direct rendering

Gus Zernial gus_zernial at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 08:19:12 PDT 2008

I have an Asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard with Intel X3500 GMA, running  Kubuntu 7.10 with 2.6.22-14-generic kernel. I compiled and installed latest drm  and mesa from sources, and then compiled and installed xf86-video-intel, but cannot get 3D and direct rendering to work.  Some info below - I can post more  if needed ... 
Should this work? Am I doing something wrong? Ideas to diagnose and/or fix? 
$ glxinfo 
direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting  LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose) 
server glx vendor string: Brian Paul 
server glx version string: 1.4 Mesa 7.1 
$ cat Xorg.0.log | grep EE 
(EE) AIGLX error: dlsym for __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 failed  (/usr/lib/dri/i965_dri.so: undefined symbol: __driCreateNewScreen_20050727) 
(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering 
$lsmod  (partial) 
i915                        55852  1 
drm                        155432  2 i915 
intel_agp               25620  1 
agpgart                 35016  3 drm,intel_agp 
$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf (partial) 
Section "Module" 
      Load "glx" 
      Load "dri" 
Section "Device" 
      Identifier      "Intel Corporation 965 G1 Integrated Graphics  Controller" 
      Driver          "intel" 
      BusID           "PCI:0:2:0" 
Section "Monitor" 
      Identifier      "CPD-G520" 
      Option          "DPMS" 
Section "Screen" 
      Identifier      "Default Screen" 
      Device          "Intel Corporation 965 G1 Integrated Graphics  Controller" 
      Monitor         "CPD-G520" 
      DefaultDepth    24 
      SubSection "Display" 
              Modes           "2048x1536" "1920x1440" "1600x1200"  "1280x1024" "1280x960" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600"  "720x400" "640x480" 
Section "ServerLayout" 
      Identifier      "Default Layout" 
      Screen          "Default Screen" 
      InputDevice     "Generic Keyboard" 
      InputDevice     "Configured Mouse" 
Section "dri" 
      Mode    0666 
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