Questions on Intel i915 chipset (performance, gallium)

Sergio Monteiro Basto sergio at
Sun Apr 20 19:41:03 PDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 15:54 +0200, Tobias Jakobi wrote:
> 1) According to the manpage of the intel driver the Legacy3D option 
> still exists. 

I think Legacy3D is not used anymore and should be removed of man page.

> However I was under the impression that the "older" i915 driver was
> removed and replaced with the i915tex driver completly (while renaming
> i915tex to i915).
> Is this correct? 

yes, the "older" i915 driver was removed and replaced with the i915tex
driver completly.

> I'm a bit confused because the option is still in the 
> manual, but according to the X log the driver seems to ignore it.

> 2) What is this i915tex_branch in GIT about? If I understand this 
> correctly it's a updated version of the i915tex driver (which was 
> renamed to i915 anyway) which can build with the latest DRI GIT.

no, i915tex_branch is to integrate mesa_7_0_branch. is a "back port" of
the latest DRI GIT. 

> Which means that building mesa-7.0.2 with a libdrm GIT snapshot is 
> impossible?

i915tex_branch makes it possible , I don't test it myself, because I
don't had many time to do it. 

> How does the i915tex driver in te i915tex_branch differ from the i915 
> driver in the regular mesa GIT (master)? Is it only the patches so it 
> builds with GIT snapshots of the DRI components?

I hope that I already answer this questions :) 

Best regards, 
Sérgio M. B.
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