xf[14]bpp.h headers still used in driver(s)

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Fri Apr 18 12:57:13 PDT 2008

Jens Stroebel wrote:
> 		Hi.
> When building xorg git today, I noticed thatat least the xf86-video-vga 
> driver still uses the headers
> xf1bpp.h
> xf4bpp.h
  Maybe a flag should be added in xorg-server.h to check for it's
presence, i.e. if the X Server was compiled with --enable-mfb.

> which are no longer present by default.
> I think the following drivers still use them:
> xf86-video-sunbw2
> xf86-video-vga
> xf86-video-wsfb
> 		greets,
> 		  jens

  I submitted patches for glint and mga drivers, that did depend on cfb,
that is more serious problem as there is no configure option to bring
it back, but I don't think anybody cares much about cfb...

  The only thing I really care about mfb and the vga driver, as basically
that any vendor still suports the standard, so it is close to a shame for
Xorg not to suport VGA...


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