[patch] exa: fix pitch handling in ModifyPixmapHeader

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Fri Apr 18 11:48:16 PDT 2008

Tilman Sauerbeck [2008-04-18 19:35]:
> Zhenyu Wang [2008-04-19 09:16]:
> > On 2008.04.18 14:03:50 +0200, Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:
> > > Unfortunately I cannot reproduce #15509 on my i945 sofar. I tried the
> > > master branches of xserver.git and intel.git with a framebuffer of
> > > 2560x2560 pixels, and rotation still worked fine after I connected the
> > > VGA output and extended my desktop to it.
> > 
> > Try to set virtual height <= 2048. Current intel driver will disable
> > accel if virtualY's larger than 2048, which I think a little overkill.
> > As hw at least supports 2D blit larger than that, and disable smaller
> > size pixmap acceleration totally. I don't know much of why it is, Eric?
> Thanks, I can reproduce the crash with a framebuffer of 2432x1024
> pixels. I'll look into it.

The crash I'm seeing happens in exaFillRegionTiled. Exa is trying to
copy to the screen pixmap (1024x768 in my case, with the pitch being

The problem is that exaSetAccelBlock() was never called for the screen
pixmap, so accel_block is zero and Exa tries to pass it to PrepareCopy.

Looking for the proper fix now...


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