build GLcore from mesa

George - fufutos610 at
Fri Apr 18 07:55:40 PDT 2008


I put the relevant patches in:

These are the remaining patches from:

They are partially based on the work of Kristian Hoegsberg.

The biggest caveat is that it requires -ldl in dix and -Wl,--export-dynamic
in ddx (only when GLX is enabled).  Please check the patches and object if
there is a problem with your favourite ddx, distro or os environment.

I tested with a few mesa demos against xorg and xephyr. Most of them run ok
but I noticed a couple of problems. These also happen with git HEAD here, so
I guess glcore needs some attention.
- texobj loses textures
- gloss causes server to segfault at __glXDeassociateContext


- I did some cleanups in glx (also in ~gsap7/glcore)
- glcore.h should be dropped from glproto, right ?
- I see that __GLcontextModes is used in:
  - core mesa (typedefed as GLvisual)
  - dri (subclassed as __DRIconfig)
  - xserver (copied as __GLXconfig)
  are these expected to evolve separately ? can we just typedef everywhere ?


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