Intel-batchbuffer and xv

Marco mpiazza at
Wed Apr 16 23:54:28 PDT 2008

I tried the latest git from drm,mesa,xserver and intel-batchbuffer
branch to have redirected direct window as explained in

I have to say that I'm very impressed. I played with cairo-clock,
glxgears and compiz and all semmes very fluid.
The gears spins very well on top of the face of the cube...

Kristian Høgsberg work is awesome...

The only thing I could'nt get is textured video output from my Intel 945GM.
Even without compiz active I cannot use xv to watch movie, nor from
mplayer nor from totem.
Mplayer (mplayer -vo xv:port=84) starts but the output is green (I can
see some shadow between green lines), but as soon as I try to move the
windows my monitor goes black, also trying to get to Console (VT1).
Using totem the output of the movie is black, and if I start rolling
the compiz cube, the movie is transparent (I can see fishes in the
compiz acquarium through it).

The questions are:
1) Did I miss some magick option in the driver section of Xorg?
2) Do I have to patch the video player to work with "textured video"
of intel-batchbuffer branch?
3) Do I have to configure mplayer or totem in the right way to play
vith xv video output?

I tried also intel master branch and the "textured video" output of xv
has no problem (I can see movie without problem).

Anyway, keep up your great work...


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