What's the right XID ???

Eduardo Silva edsiper at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 11:44:11 PDT 2008

Hi Carlos,

> The returned ID depends on how each application is implemented.

IIRC every program running connected to  the X Server has a top level
window (which can be = to the Window manager container for that
program) and this address must be the same for all cases... a program
can have N windows but always exist the root one...

>  Probably each one is traversing the windows tree different.

Here's my point, why the 3 resources returns a different window
address for the same program... at least 'xrestop' uses libXres to get
that information...

>  #: xwininfo -root -tree | less
>  and search for each id that you listed in the output. This probably
>  will give you some light.

That line was very useful, thanks :) ,  but I still wonder why they
return different values :/



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