vmmouse and GPM (console mouse)

Peter Hanzel hanzelpeter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 01:24:51 PDT 2008


I have patched GPM to work with VMWare mouse.
At init I do same thing as vmmouse from xorg.

1) VMMouseClient_Enable
2) VMMouseClient_RequestAbsolute

And than I handle input using VMMouseClient_GetInput.
And it works. Mouse moves correctly and I can also ungrab. (move out of 
vmware window works).
But I can't get back - grab is not working automatically. I need to click to 
window and than mouse works fine.

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>> But I can move out of VMWare window.
>> But I can't move back inside to VMWare window automatically. (after click 
>> on
>> window it works)
>> Do I miss something special to do?
> When you are in console mode, vmmouse (which is an X driver) is not
> active.  GPM is essentially reading relative mouse packets generated
> by the emulated mouse device. In this case, I don't think you can
> automatically ungrab from the VMware window by moving to the edge (as
> the host has no idea where your mouse is). If you press Ctrl + Alt (or
> whatever combination you have set for the ungrab) to ungrab, then
> motion grab (automatic grab when the mouse is over the window) is
> disabled for the next grab (else it would keep auto-grabbing). So you
> have to click on the Window to grab again. What you are seeing seems
> normal to me.
> HTH,
> Vinay

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