Cant switch screen resolution

Thomas Pantzer thomas.pantzer at
Wed Apr 16 00:51:00 PDT 2008


is it a "known lack of fuctionality" ?

I can't use the hotkeys <Ctrl-Alt-KPplus> <Ctrl-Alt-KPminus>
to switch the screen resolution with intel-driver 2.1.1
and chipset G33.

- yes, the keys are properly defined with "XF86_Next_VMode"
   and "XF86_Previous_VMode", I can verify this with xkeycaps

- yes, I have more than one modelines defined

- yes, there are more modes defined in the screen section

- Option "DontZoom" is set to False in xorg.conf

- also buttons "Next" and "Previous" in xvidtune doesn't
   switch the screen resolution

Who can help me to solve the problem ?

Thank You

Best Regards

Thomas Pantzer

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