Getting widescreen resolution on my widescreen LCD tv

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at
Sun Apr 13 22:47:48 PDT 2008

I have a Maxtent  26" HD-Ready LCD TV which is 16:9 and rated for up
to 1280x1024 despite my best efforts I have been unable to get a
working widescreen res with Xorg (updated) on Centos5

The machine in question is an Optiplex GX270, I have tried the i810
driver with the integrated intel vga without success, through my
research I found that the particular chipset I had simply couldn't
support widescreen (I tried this for about 4-5 hrs) I settled on
800x600 after exhausting all my efforts it worked, but the aspect
ratio was off

So I bought an AGP GeForce FX 5200 so that I could get to those higher
resolutions. shows the
resolutions that the tv supports. I eventually for 1280x1024 to work
with the nv driver, but mythtvfrontend (the main reason I have Xorg
installed for) showed in what seemd like 8bit colors, just black red
and green, unuseable. And the fonts were too small. It took me several
hours just to get 1280x1024 to work, and I am kinda exhausted with

What I am aiming for is 1366 x 768 at 60Hz. Even at 1024x768, running
myfrontend seemed to crash fuxbox sending me back to GDM. Also, at
1280x1024 the display seems like it would simply stop refreshing till
i soft reboot the machine (via ssh).

I would love to solve this problem finally. Please assist -- I will
provide info as requested.

Thank you,
Arthur Pemberton

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