idea: screen-like utility for X11 / proxy server

Mildred ml.mildred593 at
Sun Apr 13 15:02:51 PDT 2008

Le Sun 13/04/2008 à 17:48 Joel Feiner à écrit:
> The proxy would introduce a layer of potential latency and decrease
> in throughput.  What would be better is to have support in the X11 
> libraries or toolkits for attaching and detaching, or at least not
> dying when the X server dies.
> I think the problem is that X clients have resources in the X server
> and should the X server suddenly die, those resources would be gone.
> The apps may or may not be able to recreate what was in the
> resources.  At the very least, it puts a burden on X11 applications
> and it would not be backward compatible with existing applications
> that have expectations about what is stored on the server and whether
> it is always available.

Thanks, I now understand why it was never done. And you're probably
right, a toolkit support is probably better (but I don't think how
that can be done though, it doesn't seems that easy any more).

Or perhaps, keep the idea of the proxy, but store in the proxy all
resources even if that means more memory used and more latency. If this
is only used for a limiter number of applications, that may not be much
of a problem.

But in any case, if I ever implement it, it's not now :)



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