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Hi everybody. This is my first post here, hello everyone :)

Some time ago, I had a thought about something that could be very
useful for X11. So what I'm presenting here is just an idea that some
of you might find interesting (but maybe you already had thoughts about

Well, the first thing is that sometimes X11 crashes ... Or I need to
restart it for some reason. Or I want to access some windows from
somewhere else using for example ssh.

With console applications, it is relatively easy to keep a console
application running when you close your session/terminal. And it's easy
to access them again from another terminal, including from a remote ssh
session. All you need is the screen utility. The software runs within
screen, can be detached from the current terminal, reattached to
another quite easily.

Why isn't it possible for graphical application. So far I haven't found
a such elegant solution.

The idea would simply to have some king of X11 proxy. Graphical
applications would run inside the X11 proxy, they could be attached on
the fly to the main X11 server running on my computer. if the server
crashes, the proxy simply detaches applications from the server. And if
I want to use those applications from somewhere else using X11
forwarding with ssh, it could he possible as easily by detaching
application from the running X11 server on the remote host and reattach
them to the local X11 server.

Do you think it's a good idea ?

Unfortunately I never programmed low-level X11 and I don't have time
to learn/code that either. So perhaps someone who has time (if that
ever exists) and that is really interested in that idea would be able
to create something. But i'm not asking anyone to do anything, just
sharing ideas.

With all my kindness


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