Does xvmc HD work with i9xx?

sean darcy seandarcy2 at
Sun Apr 13 13:33:16 PDT 2008

 From the mythtv list:

 >The intel xvmc drivers only support up to 720x576 surfaces.  So, they
 >won't help for HD.  Sorry about that.
 >Where in the source did you find this limit? I see where it's defined
 >for the i810 driver but I don't see anything for the i915 one.
 >I'm looking in xf86-video-intel-
 >You have to look in the *_hwmc.c files in the ddx driver a directory
 >above.  The xvmc library talks to the ddx driver to setup each
 >So, for the i915 that would be i915_hwmc.c. Once you are
 >in the file just search for the XF86MCSurfaceInfoRec structure. That
 >structure defines (among other things) the max width/height for each
 >mpeg surface.
 >did a quick search through the documents at 
 > and section 
 >in volume 2 seems to say HD is possible:
 >"Therefore, for the 16-EU configuration, VLD hardware matches with the 
 >EU’s performance for SD contents. There is sufficient performance 
 >headroom for HD contents. For configuration with less EUs, VLD 
hardware >has sufficient performance headroom for both SD and HD contents."
 >The volume 1 document seems to say the current hardware is shipping 
 >with 8 EUs (section so maybe it doesn't multiply out.

Is this correct? Also true for i945, i965 and 3100? Is the lack of xvmc 
HD a driver issue, or a hardware issue ( 8 EU's etc )?

Oh, say it ain't so.


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