Attaching remote display at runtime?

Florian Echtler floe at
Sat Apr 12 03:30:06 PDT 2008

> > after some experimentation with Xdmx today, I was wondering if there is 
> > _any_ way, through some bizarre combination of Xdmx and/or RandR 1.2,
> > to attach a remote X display on a different machine to a running X server?
> Depends on what you mean by "attach" (and what you are trying to accomplish).
> If you want to have two machines sitting next to each other, with a monitor
> attached to each, and then have a "single X server" running on both monitors,
> then you want DMX.  (I think.)
Well, this is similar to what I would like to have. I have two machines
sitting side by side and have two separate X servers running on both
(box1:0 and box2:0). However, I'd like to be able to control them using
a single mouse and keyboard from box1, moving between the two servers as
it's possible with a two-screen setup on a single machine (when Xinerama
is disabled). The issue is complicated by the fact that box2 is a laptop
which is put into sleep mode, removed, woken up somewhere else, brought
back and so on.

Bottom line: I'm fine with two separate X servers. I just need a way to
move the mouse between them when they are situated next to each other.

Yours, Florian
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