problem mapping aperture range on supersavage with libpciaccess

Isidor Zeuner xorg at
Tue Apr 8 16:30:20 PDT 2008

Dear list members,

after upgrading to with libpciaccess (git hashes:
a3b63c43b960e3b37e1b303214e63c5155192a5d for libpciaccess,
726dcd9e4ebfb09c0685450dca6e9fae7e773814 for xserver and
d0cbce17e1d1e99dbecda339c6704b96606b20d3 for xf86-video-savage),
Xorg would not start up with a SuperSavage device anymore.
Relevant Xorg.0.log entries seemed to be:

(II) SAVAGE(0): initializing int10
(II) SAVAGE(0): Primary V_BIOS segment is: 0xc000
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA BIOS detected
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE Version 2.0
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE Total Mem: 15168 kB
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE OEM: S3 Incorporated. Paramont BIOS
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE OEM Software Rev: 1.0
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE OEM Vendor: S3 Incorporated.
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE OEM Product: VBE 2.0
(II) SAVAGE(0): VESA VBE OEM Product Rev: Rev 1.0
(--) SAVAGE(0): Chip: id 8c2e, "SuperSavage/IXC 64"
(--) SAVAGE(0): Engine: "SuperSavage"
(--) SAVAGE(0): AGP card detected
(==) SAVAGE(0): Using AGP DMA
(II) SAVAGE(0): DMA is not supported on SuperSavages.
(==) SAVAGE(0): DMA disabled
(==) SAVAGE(0): Using AGP 1x mode
(==) SAVAGE(0): Using 16 MB AGP aperture
(EE) SAVAGE(0): Internal error: cound not map aperture range (7, Argument list too long).

I managed to get it working again using this patch:

diff --git a/src/savage_driver.c b/src/savage_driver.c
index eb06519..f62a02f 100644
--- a/src/savage_driver.c
+++ b/src/savage_driver.c
@@ -3109,7 +3109,7 @@ static Bool SavageMapMem(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn)
     psav->ApertureRegion.size = (psav->IsPrimary || psav->IsSecondary)
-        ? (0x01000000 * 2) : (0x01000000 * 5);
+        ? (0x01000000 * 2) : (0x01000000 * 4);
     if (psav->FbRegion.size != 0) {

However, I don't know if this will cause problems using other devices.
Maybe some additional checks are needed.

Tell me if you need any further information.

Best regards,

Isidor Zeuner

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