Question about XRender specification

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Mon Apr 7 12:15:01 PDT 2008

Hello Carl,

> You don't understand what this paragraph is specifying? Or you don't
>  understand why you appear to be getting results that don't seem to
>  match it?
Sorry for my confusing question.
I don't understand why my testcase does not match what I would expect
to get according to the paragraph.

>  So given that, I don't know what you're actually seeing, (presumably
>  something different). Could you please provide the test case and
>  results so that we can investigate the issue?
Currently I see a small brighter line between those two trapezoids,
althought I would expect to see a large, seamless trapezoid. (because
both should add up to 1)
I don't think there's anything wrong with the current implementation,
I am just trying to understand whats wrong with my testcase ;)

Thanks a lot for your patience and sorry for beeing so bothersome, lg Clemens

			XTrapezoid trap[2];
				trap[0].left.p1.x=30<<16; trap[0].left.p1.y=0<<16;
				trap[0].left.p2.x=20<<16; trap[0].left.p2.y=90<<16;
				trap[0].right.p1.x=XDoubleToFixed(100); trap[0].right.p1.y=0<<16;
				trap[0].right.p2.x=XDoubleToFixed(90); trap[0].right.p2.y=90<<16;
				trap[1].left.p1.x=XDoubleToFixed(100); trap[1].left.p1.y=0<<16;
				trap[1].left.p2.x=XDoubleToFixed(90); trap[1].left.p2.y=90<<16;
				trap[1].right.p1.x=160<<16; trap[1].right.p1.y=0<<16;
				trap[1].right.p2.x=150<<16; trap[1].right.p2.y=90<<16;
					PictOpOver, red_transp, picture, 0,
					0, 0, &trap, 2);

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