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Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Tue Apr 1 13:11:34 PDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 17:34 +0200, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> Hello,
> I did some profiling on my 945GM powered laptop with Rawhide (F9-Beta
> + updates), X.Org X Server and  xf86-video-intel-2.3-rc2:
> 1.) Window resizing is "awful" slow for large (~1000x1000) windows.
> This was done resizing Dolphin:
> 413755   45.5420  libc-2.7.90.so           libc-2.7.90.so           memcpy
> 157667   17.3544  no-vmlinux               no-vmlinux               (no symbols)
> 104342   11.4849  libexa.so                libexa.so                (no symbols)
> 42564     4.6850  libQtGui.so.4.3.4        libQtGui.so.4.3.4        (no symbols)

This probably needs sysprof instead of oprofile to track it down.  If
it's fallbacks happening, then exa and the 2d driver have debug options
for printing what fell back and why.

> 2.) Text is quite slow, with EXA i am able to get ~160.000 glypgs for
> aa10text, with EXA I only get ~90.0000g/s. However on my system it
> looks like its not the drivers fault:
> 99090    38.2382  libexa.so                libexa.so                (no symbols)
> 46133    17.8024  intel_drv.so             intel_drv.so
> i915_prepare_composite
> 27354    10.5557  Xorg                     Xorg                     (no symbols)
> 21857     8.4345  intel_drv.so             intel_drv.so
> i830_composite
> I did not change any defaults (MigrationHeuristics, ...) for both profiles.

Some fixes were just committed by frederickh to replace my lame memory
algorithms algorithms in exa with some better stuff.  Without debug
symbols, I can't tell if that's the problem you were hitting or not.

Eric Anholt                             anholt at FreeBSD.org
eric at anholt.net                         eric.anholt at intel.com

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