xrandr supports different resolutions depending on when screen is plugged in

Reto Bachmann-Gmür reto at gmuer.ch
Tue Apr 1 07:42:53 PDT 2008


I'm getting started with my Dell M1330 laptop with its Intel i810 card 
with an external screen supporting a resolution of 1920x1200. My goal is 
to be able to switch monitors without restarting X.

The problem is that if the monitor is not plugged in when X is started, 
"xrandr -q" indicates that the VGA monitor only supports 1280x1024 and 
"xrandr --output VGA --auto" will set the screen to that resolution. 
When the monitor is plugged in when X is started the maximum resolution 
is correctly indicated as 1920x1200 and switching from the built-in 
screen and resolution to the external one works nicely (using "xrandr 
--output VGA --off" and "xrandr --output VGA --auto"). Any 
solution/work-around other than "do not (re)start laptop when the 
monitor isn't connected"?

Versions I'm using:
- xorg-server
- libXrandr 1.2.1
- xrandr 1.2.2


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