Radeon HD 3870 open source driver support?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Apr 1 05:16:02 PDT 2008

Le Mar 1 avril 2008 01:22, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn a écrit :
> Hi,
> what is the current state of support for the Radeon HD 3870 cards? I
> intend
> to buy a new card soon and I'm aiming for either a 3870 or an NVidia
> 9600GT.

I had the same dilemma last WE.
Went for a 9600GT because no vendor I trusted had the 3870 (ie there
was an inverse correlation between the level of trust I had in
computer part shops and the probability of them having a 3870 instead
of a 9600GT.

I can tell you nv is a pig right now with the 9600GT. Slow as hell
(massive software rendering) *and* making the hardware red hot (15 min
of simple 2D in Linux raises the GPU temp more than a few hours of
heavy 3D in windows. Which shows up on my system since the card shuts
the system down when it reaches an unsafe temperature level).

Thus I don't know if the 3870 is a good choice, but the 9600 GT is
nothing I'd advise on Linux right now.

Nicolas Mailhot

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