Building a driver module for older versions of xorg?

Michael Dales mwd at
Tue May 29 04:12:58 PDT 2007

Hi there,

I've managed to build a simple device driver by checking out the  
latest xorg tree which I got as per the instructions here:

This all worked fine, and I build a full X setup and then built my  
driver, and it all works with that server.

Now I want to give my driver to people to test, but they're running  
Ubuntu Edgy or Feisty, and they ship with an older version of the  
xorg server. In particular, the ABI version has changed - in the tree  
I built the driver ABI is specified in xf86Module.h as 2.0, but I  
need to generate something compatible with ABI version 1.0 or 1.1.

My questions is what's the best way to achieve that?

I've tried, unsuccessfully so far, to get an older version of the  
xorg tree. I did a git checkout of the current tree using the method  
described on ModularDevelopersGuide, and then reverted to the tag  
XORG-7_1 using "git checkout -b temp XORG-7_1" - this gave me  
something that was indeed older, but it fails to build, failing in  
libXfonts due to FreeType problems outlined in 

I'm assuing that somewhere/somehow I can get a 7.1 tree that builds,  
but I'm not trying the correct technique?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

-- Michael

Ndiyo Ltd. -

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