Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at
Sat May 26 15:54:38 PDT 2007

Am Samstag 26 Mai 2007 23:52 schrieb [Sacred]:
> I couldn't find the solution to my question in the FAW because I don't quite
> know what I'm loking for. I'm trying to run a live CD of Ubuntu so I can
> recover some lost files on one of my hard drives. When Ubuntu is starting
> up, it says it cannot start the X server and asks if I want to review the
> problem. I look at it and then it says the GDM could not be started and
> tells me to run Ubuntu again once its resolved. Any possible help would be
> great bcause the files I need are important.
> Thanks,
> - Devin Stevens -

Hi Devin,

first, you should choose a more descriptive subject than "Question" if you
post to a mailing list. Many readers of this list probably shoved it into their
spam folder without reading it. I receive about 400-500 mails from different
lists each day, and read only those where I can tell from the subject that it's
interesting to me.

second, you didn't provide enough information to answer your question. If your
X server doesn't come up, we need information about what versions you use,
what hardware, which driver, the contents of your xorg.conf, the messages from
/var/log/Xorg.0.log, and so on.

third, if you just want to recover some files, you don't need an X server. If
gdm and/or X doesn't come up, you won't have a GUI, but you can do everything
from the command line. Isn't this a fine moment to learn that ? :-)

fourth, why don't you just try another live CD/DVD? If your Ubuntu doesn't
boot, try Damn Small Linux, Knoppix or whatever.



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