tvout on r300

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Tue May 22 06:25:42 PDT 2007

On 5/22/07, Jacek Poplawski <jacekpoplawski at> wrote:
> I tried to connect my Radeon 9800 Pro to the tv.
> It is working perfectly in text mode.
> However, when I change video mode (with framebuffer or xorg) - tv loses
> synchronization.

Right.  The bios is able to setup tv-out our driver is currently not able to.

> Is it possible to set mode in xorg.conf which will be more tv friendly?
> I tried to set low resolution modes, but it didn't help.
> It was always mess on the tv screen.
> Do you know which mode should be set?
> What exactly need to be done to make tv-out fully functional with radeons in
> xorg?

What we need to do is add support for tv-out to the radeon driver.
Unfortunately, the tv encoder is rather complex and hard to program.
I started working on it while back based on some info from ati and
tracing the video bios, but I was never able to get it working.  I may
pick it up again once randr support gets further along.  In the
meantime, patches welcome.  If you need something now I believe there
are some GPL gatos patches floating around.


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