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We are students of Lund University doing our Bachelor thesis for the Systems

We are conducting research on why and how FOSS projects fork. The aim of the
research is to better understand the special issues regarding FOSS-projects
with regards to the forces leading up to a fork. We hope that any knowledge
gained from this can be incorporated in the future education of System
analysts. Our focus is the motivation of the developers involved. We are now
looking for developers from the XFree86 and X.Org projects who would like to
share their experience and thoughts with us to base our research on.

If you are interested in helping us please reply in private to
john.nilsson at or johan.sanesson at

If you desire to be anonymous we will take action to ensure this. Obviously
it will be hard to mask what projects has been involved in the study as we
have contacted you in public allready. However, the interviews will be
anonymized by the best of our abillities while still retaining credibillity
for the data. Before finalizing the thesis all participators will recieve an
altered copy of their transcript (the one which will be published) to
approve it. We appreciate the sensitivity of the matter, however it will be
hard to conduct scientific research without some means to validate the
conclusions. If the interviewee does not find the altered transcript
acceptable we will discard the transcript, or the sensitive parts thereof,
and not use it in our research.

John Nilsson
Johan Sånesson
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