i810: V_BIOS address 0x7d8e0 out of range

Ian Pilcher i.pilcher at comcast.net
Mon May 21 17:09:52 PDT 2007

Trying to set up a dual-head configuration on my ThinkPad T60 (1680 x
1050 panel) and an 1280x1024 LCD (analog connection).  I've got things
working, but I'm only able to start X once or twice.  After that, I get
the subject message when trying to start, and I have to reboot.

>From Googling about, it looks like a number of other people have run
into the same problem, but I haven't found a solution.  (There's a vague
statement that 915resolution might help, but I can't see how.)

Is this a known problem?  Is there any known workaround?  (This is a
RHEL 5 system, so I'm sure it doesn't have the absolute latest and
greatest version of the driver.  I could probably pull something more
recent in from Fedora or Rawhide, but I'd prefer not to do that kind of
surgery on the system, unless I'm pretty sure it will actually fix the

Ian Pilcher                                         arequipeno at gmail.com

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