screensaver extension / beforelight windowing behaviour

Daniel Drake ddrake at
Fri May 18 08:21:40 PDT 2007


I'm battling with the screensaver extension (Xss), and I've discovered
that the screensaver example appliation (beforelight) encounters the
same problem:

Under GNOME, when the screensaver activates, beforelight appears as a
window (with title bar, maximize/minimize button etc) and draws its
contents inside. The gnome-panel menu and task bars are still visible.

Under twm, when the screensaver activates, the mouse cursor changes to
the one where it wants you to position a new window. Of course, the
process of positioning this window generates input events which
deactivate the screensaver...

I'd expect beforelight to effectively "take over" the screen, rather
than appearing as a window managed by the WM.

What is beforelight doing wrong?


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