intel 855GME

Wang Zhenyu at
Thu May 17 23:04:26 PDT 2007

On 2007.05.18 02:21:39 +0000, Leo wrote:
> > For the weird acting screen this option to the i810 driver in the xorg.conf 
> > helped me:
> >
> > Option          "VBERestore"    "true"
> >
> > Screen is less garbage after resuming from ram, opengl apps are not
> > black anymore and crashes are more rare.
> >
> > Sascha
> Today, this doesn't help at all.

You must know what's your bios behavior in s3 for video stuff, as
it could do repost or not, linux/Documentation/power/video.txt has much
info. And you might need vbetool to do the post if bios doesn't do
for you in s3, or I'm not sure if current drm modesetting work is able
to ignore bios. Do you use any suspend/resume tool/scripts? like s2ram,etc
which was known on this list brought trouble in resume on intel hw.

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