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Thu May 17 13:22:21 PDT 2007

On Wed, 16 May 2007, Egbert Eich wrote:

> Gene Heskett writes:
> >
> > So I thought (this was back in the days when XFree86 was king) I'd buy the
> > driver from xorg or something named suspiciously like it, for a $20 bill and
> > had my card duly charged since they claimed to support it right on their web
> > page.  But when the deal was consummated, that driver didn't work either,
> > didn't even acknowledge there was a card installed in the box.  xorg, or
> > whomever it was, denied my request for a refund based on the fact that I did
> > download the driver and had therefore executed it.
> >
> Just for the record: X.Org never was in the business of selling drivers.
> Neither the Foundation now nor the old X.Org.
> Could it be that you are confusing this with XIG?

   I hope not... Since to order an XiG driver, you actually have to be
   running it at the time...

   That tends to prevent problems like the above.  Also, we do not have
   any $20 drivers :)

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