Synaptics MIT license, again

Christoph Brill egore at
Thu May 17 11:31:08 PDT 2007

My last approach based on Florian Loitsch's:

Btw: Florian, do you agree to change the license?

Hello again contributor or developer of the synaptics X11 driver!

Sorry to contact you again. All contributors have agreed to the license 
change, but our mail asking you for the license change might have been
misleading. For a detailled discussion see [1]. We (the xorg-developers)
still would like to have the synaptics driver under the same license as
the xorg-server and if you are still willing to switch the license,
please confirm once again.

The result of the dicussion was:
- tell the developers/contributors that the synaptics driver does run
  against latest
- tell the developers/contributors that the GPLv2 license is in that
  way incompatible that some lawyers say that it would turn the whole project into a GPLv2 project (the situation is legally not

If you have questions on the licenses do not hesitate to contact us.

Sorry if we confused you.


Is that ok for everyone?

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