Substituting a mouse button for a mouse wheel?

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Thu May 17 07:54:06 PDT 2007

walt wrote:
> But, about the man pages:  I've looked many times for details about
> mouse configuration and never found anything useful.  I've never even
> seen anything about ZAxisMapping except in mailing list archives, and
> certainly nothing about wheel emulation or button mapping.

It would be in the mouse driver man page - the options for each driver
module in Xorg are documented in that driver's man page.   That may
be installed as the mouse man page under /usr/X11/man or mouse_drv
man page under /usr/man depending on your distro.

> Our gentoo man page for xorg.conf was 're-written by David Dawes' of
> xfree86, which seems a bit odd.

Not at all - it just hasn't been greatly changed since the
XFree86 source was used as the basis of the Xorg server.

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