Substituting a mouse button for a mouse wheel?

walt wa1ter at
Thu May 17 06:01:20 PDT 2007

Matthias Hopf wrote:
> On May 15, 07 17:51:39 -0700, walt wrote:
>> xev tells me that those two small buttons are buttons 8 and 9,
>> for reasons I don't know.
> Logical buttons. Read the man page, the section about "ButtonMapping".

Thanks, EmulateWheel is exactly what I wanted.  It's far better than
what I was trying to do.

But, about the man pages:  I've looked many times for details about
mouse configuration and never found anything useful.  I've never even
seen anything about ZAxisMapping except in mailing list archives, and
certainly nothing about wheel emulation or button mapping.

Our gentoo man page for xorg.conf was 're-written by David Dawes' of
xfree86, which seems a bit odd.  Where would I find better man pages
for xorg?

Thanks for your great help!

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